Saturday, October 22, 2011

What I've been dealing with lately

Hi! Been a while, rite?
There are too much going on with my life right now you know.
Yep. I'm a college student now. Been 2 months, I think. I kinda enjoy it, I mean even with all those tasks, I get to learn new things from zero and meet new friends and start a new way of living, it's all just challenging for me.
But yes, college is not all about joy. There are other things that, well, suck. Like the orientation period. At my college, that's kinda complicated and energy-and-time-consuming being a freshmen. The only reason  I'm dong this is just because I get to be with my friends all the time and it just feels nice.
And even though I love my new friends, like really really do, I still miss my high school friends. Oh God they're just the best. It's different you know, what I have with them. It's like we understand each other without having the need to say anything. I miss them, like all the time. And it sucks that we always find it hard to meet each other because of our clashed schedule. know how friggin many times I talk about this? I'm so done. I've had enuffff

PS: This is satnite and I'm doing tasks. Okay this is creepy