Monday, December 13, 2010

Bon Anniversaire

This is supposed to be your birthday wishes which I wrote months ago when we were still together.

"I once heard an quite odd but interesting myth. It said: If a pregnant mother dream about someone or something, there's a chance that the baby will be quite like them. Weird, isn't it?
But maybe...that's true. Well, maybe not.
If it is, somehow, true, I bet your Mom dreamed about fairy tales, you know, something beautiful. Or maybe about superheroes. I don't know, something magical, maybe?
Because, you're kinda like a fairy tale for me, kinda like a happy ending. But I prefer the superheroes one. Because you saved me, you drew a smile on me. And you surely are a magical, the most amazing thing that's ever 
happened to me. Because of you, I know what happiness means. Because of you, I know how great it is just to be me.
It's December 13th now. Been 18 years since that magic happened.
Happy birthday, dear.
And I love you. Love you enough to write you this silly corny cheesy birthday wishes. But I really do. I love you for who you are, and I'll say so in your next and next and next birthday.
Just be you, okay? You're cool already and you don't even have to try.
Keep saving people with that magical smile!

And that was just a little part of the surprise plan.

But since things are different now, I end up say this kind of thing,
"Happy birthday, have a good one. Wish you all the best. Take care."

You don't know how hard I tried to pluck up my courage, just to text you that most-common-birthday-wishes-in-the-world.

Well, happy birthday. All the best for you.

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