Friday, December 14, 2012

Best birthday wishes I've had (so far)

I have nothing to do today, well I know I'm supposed to be studying for final exam, but I couldn't care less. So I went through my old birthday wishes which I got for my 18th birthday (yes, that was 2 years ago) and read them one by one. They were all good wishes, of course. But I found these hilarious but sweet wishes I almost forgot I had one.
This one was from my brother Reza: "Mbak Kikik selamat ulang tahun ya semoga sehat, masuk FK, jangan pelit2, kembalikan laptopku tepat waktu"
And this one was from my lil brother Raihan: "Selamat ulang tahun yang ke 18 mbak kiki semoga sehat selalu dan nggak takut sama tokek lagi"
And from my best buddy @mawxey: "Happy 18th birthday!!! Kikiana!!! Tetep tangguh, bermoral dan berwawasan! GO WAGS GO! LOL!"
Those are my favorite birthday wishes of my almost-20-years-lifetime. Oh I miss that time, for some reasons.
Anyway, I'm turning 20 in less than 3 months! Time does fly so fast, does it not?

PS. (I know this is a day late but I'm gonna say it anyway) HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Wishing you all the greatest things in life! x

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