Sunday, September 11, 2011

Did I mention that they're awesome?

First week of college? Hectic.
I never thought it'd be this energy-consuming. We have like billion tasks to do. And it's just the beginning. Who knows what we'd be given next week? More paper? More exams? More research? Geez.
Some of my friends have gone crazy just because the academic tasks. Not to mention the tasks given by our senior. Mad mad mad week.
But thanks God, at least, we're all in this together. After that crazy week, I spent the whole Saturday with them. And all the pressure just disappeared. Like nothing happened. Hearing them laughing at things which weren't funny at all, I found that as a funny thing, which was relaxing. And I love how they make thing simpler than it really is. I love how they make me laugh even when it seems impossible to.
"Why do you look so sad? Tell us. That's what friends are for," they said. I know it sounds cliche, I know it sounds like they're reading a line in a song or something. But it sounds just fine for me. It sounds calming for me.
God I love them.

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  1. kirain cuma aku tok yg ngrasain stress di minggu pertama kuliah.ternyta anak-anak laen juga pada stress .gilaaaa -______-